The following only applies to items purchased via

We will ship the product within 24 hours after receipt of payment. You will automatically receive two emails. One once payment has been completed and one when the order has been shipped.

Small packages

We send small packages by letter post or as a letterbox package.
These will be delivered by PostNL within one to two working days.

Large packages

Large packages that do not fit in the letterbox will be sent as a package.
These will be delivered by PostNL within one or two working days.

Major household appliances

Major household appliances are only available through various dealers.

Not at home

The order is presented twice and then delivered to the nearest post office.

Multiple items at the same time

If you order multiple items at once, we will, if possible, have everything delivered to you at the same time.

In that case, the delivery time of the entire order is the same as that of the item with the longest delivery time.

PostNL delay?

You can track the status of your order in your personal account. If the order has the status 'shipped', but you have not yet received the package (?), it is best to wait another one or two working days. In exceptional cases, PostNL does not deliver within 24 hours, but PostNL takes several days to deliver an order.

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