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Fodor uses the Buckaroo internet cash register for internet payments. With this internet cash register you can pay quickly and securely on the internet. The connection is made via secure SSL connections. You can recognize this connection because the internet address starts with https:// instead of //.

Secure connection

You can also recognize a secure connection (Secure Connection) by the SSL lock at the top or bottom of your web browser. With the SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer), personal data is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third parties. All pages on where personal data is entered are secured in this way. SSL security is a global standard.

You can pay at Fodor in the following ways:

Via iDeal Internet Banking

With this payment method you can process the payment directly with your own bank during the ordering process. You pay in your trusted internet payment environment, based on specific security methods of your own bank. As an internet banker you can use iDEAL directly, without having to register for it.

Via credit card Visa & MasterCard

You can safely enter your credit card details via our secure SSL procedure. Together with the credit card organization, we ensure correct processing.

Via PayPal

If you choose to pay with PayPal, you will be directly redirected to the PayPal website after ordering.

Secure payment

The information you provide to pay is completely protected and cannot be read by Fodor or retrieved by third parties.

Our service partner Buckaroo

When you pay via iDEAL, your computer is transferred to the Payment Service Provider Buckaroo via a secure SSL connection. As soon as Buckaroo has received payment, we will receive a message and process the order.

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